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who invented the computer ?

Who Invented the Computer

who invented the computer ? Who Does Not Know About Computers Today? Computers Have Become A Part Of Our Everyday Life. It Is Used Today To Purchase From Any Similarity To Data Storage.

 You Can Also Store Any Type Of Data In It. Can Get Different Information From The Internet. A Big Problem Can Solve In Minutes.

Computer Is A Device That Runs Hardware And Software With Two Things If Any Of These Things Stop Working Then Your Computer Will Become A Blank Box. So Today We Will Know About The History Of Computers. Who Has Made It When And What Has Happened In It. So Today In This Post, You Will Be Told Who Discovered The Computer When The Computer Came In India, Who Invented The Laptop And Introduced The Computer.

 Who Invented Computer

If Asked In A Line, The Inventor Of The Computer Is Considered To Be Charles Babbage Because He First Designed The Programmable Computer. In 1822, Charles Babbage Invented A Mechanical Computer Called “Differential Engine”. But Due To Lack Of Money It Could Not Be Completed

After This, In 1938, United States Navy Made An Electro-Mechanical Computer. Torpedo Data Computer After This, Konrad Zuse Made Z2 Computer In 1939. The First Vacuum Tubes Were Used And This Was The First Electromechanical Relay Computer. After This, It Was Made Better And After This Z3 Computer Was Built In Which About 2000 Relays Were Used.

The Transistor In Bell Labs Has Invented The 1947 Transistor, The Transistor Works Like A Switch Which Can Turn The Circuit On Or Off And It Also Works Like An Amplifier. With The Transistor Coming, There Is A Lot Of Change In The World Of Computer The Size Of The Computers Which Came Earlier Was Very Big, But The Size Of The Computer With The Transistor Became Very Small. After That Came Microprocessor Which Caused The Speed Of The Computer To Rise And The Price Decreased.

First Desktop Personal Computer

The World’s First Desktop Personal Computer Was Built In Italian Company Olivetti In 1964. Price Of $ 3,200 Was About 2 Lakh Rupees Today.

 In 1985, Atari Corporation Created A 520ST Computer. It Was A 32-Bit Color Computer And Had 256 Kb Of RAM And There Was  A Floppy Disk Of 1 / 2-  Inch That Was Used To Store.
From Time To Time Many Companies Made Their Own Computers And Made A Better Computer Every Time, And Today The Computer We Use Is Called Modern Computer. I Tried To Tell The History Of Computer In Very Few Words, If The Information Is Liked, Share It And If You Have Any Information About The Computer, Tell Us To Comment.

Interesting Information About Computer

  1. 1.  The Computer Mouse, Which Was Introduced In The Daily Use, Was First Made Of Wood.
    2.  About 5000 Computer Viruses Are Created Per Month.
    3.  So Far, Around 17 Billion Devices Have Used Internet.
    4. Only 5 MB Of Data Could Be Stored In The World’s First Hard Disk.
    5.  All The Visuals Seen In The Computer Screen Are Made Up Of Three Colors (Red, Green, Blue).
    6.  The World’s First Computer Monitor Was First Used In The 1980’S.
    7.  The World’s First Computer Keyboard Was Invented In 1968.
    8.  Before The CD, DVD And Pen Drive, Floppy Disks Were Used To Exchange External Data.
    9.   The First Floppy Disk Was Invented In 1970, With Its Store Capacity Only 75.79 KB.
    10. The Most Used USB Hardware Pen Drive In The World Came Into Existence In 1999. But In The Market It Was Launched In 2000, At That Time Its Storage Capacity Was Only 8 MB.
    11 .  You Can Not Create A File On Your Computer And Save It As “Con” Because These Keywords Are Preserved In The Computer.
    12 .  The Ability To Store The First Ram (Random Access Memory) Was Only 46 Kb.
    13 .  80% Of All The Information Available On The Internet Is In The English Language.
    14 .  When CD, DVD And Pen Drive Were Not There, Floppy Disks Were Used To Send Data From One Computer To Another.
    15 .  Once The 15-Year-Old Kid Had Hacked NASA’s Website To The Largest Space Agency, Due To Which NASA’s Work Ceased For 21 Days.
    16 .  In 1956 IBM Created A Hard Disk Named 305 RAMAC. Its Weight Was In Ton, But It Could Only Store Data Up To 5Mb.
    17 .  The Computer Is Very Fast, It Can Perform Approximately 38 Thousand Trillion Operation (Count) In One Second.
    18 .  The Keyboard That We Use Is The QWERTY Keyboard, Its Name Is Because The First Alphabet In The First Line Of The Keyboard Is QWERTY.
    19  DOS (Disc Operating System) Helps The Computer’s Hardware Interface With The Software.
    20 .  The Frame Of Today’s Era Digital Digital Computer Is 10-20 MIPS.

In This Post, You Were Told That When The Computer Was Invented And When The Computer Was Created When The Computer Was Discovered, Who Invented The Laptop, When Did The Computer In India Come To Know The Cpu Who Invented The Computer And When The Computer’s Father Was The  Computer’s Computer When And When Did  The Invention, When The Computer Was Invented, When The Computer Was Discovered And The Computer’s Father’s Name, If Any Else Other Than That If You Want To Comment And If The Information Is Good, Then Do Not Forget To Share It.

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